Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely! Normal rental fee applies, and you can choose a half (4 hour minimum) or full day rental (up to 24 hours). We will even provide a driver (for an additional fee) if necessary.
  • Classic cars make great additions to photo shoots as well.
  • We ask that you limit your daily driving to 100 miles per day, and stay within a 30 mile radius of the pickup spot. If you go beyond the 30 mile radius, roadside assistance from us is not guaranteed. If you go above 100 miles/day you will be charged an additional $5.00/mile
  • Our cars are meant to be enjoyed on the Monterey Peninsula, and its beautiful surrounding areas. Santa Cruz, Big Sur, Salinas Valley and more are all within about 30 miles. There is plenty to see and do!
  • We love them too, but sorry no dogs or pets allowed in our cars. They are lovingly restored classics, and we would like to keep them that way for years to come. If there is visible pet damage or fur left behind, repairs and additional cleaning fees may apply. Thank you for understanding!
  • Nope! Please ensure that you are choosing a car that you feel comfortable driving. If you do not know how to drive a manual transmission car, please don’t practice on our beauties!
  • When searching for a car to rent, you have the ability to sort by manual or automatic.
  • No. Not unless you rental period is longer than two days and in this case you will receive refueling instructions specific to your vehicle. Your processing fee includes fuel charges. There are several reasons for this. First of all, we don’t want you to spend any of your rental time at the gas station! Secondly, refueling some of these cars is not straightforward and we don’t want you to experience some of the frustrations we have experienced. Lastly, we really want to be sure these cars are getting the best fuel possible and if the previous renter put the wrong fuel in your tank, you may have to pay the price.
  • We do! Chauffeur service is available for $50/ hour with a 4-hour minimum. Gratuity not included. Please allow us at least a week’s notice so that we can make sure we have a driver available.
  • We certainly do, and welcome you to California!
  • We require for you to provide either proof of travel insurance or insurance procured through your credit card.
  • We’re glad you asked!
  • Upon reserving your car, you will be charged 50% of the total rental fees for the period of time you will have the car. You will also be charged a non-refundable processing fee of $49 which covers processing, a full tank of fuel, vehicle orientation and cleaning.
  • 72 hours prior to the start of your rental period, you will be charged the remaining 50% of your rental fees. We will also put a $500 hold on your credit card which acts as a security deposit to cover any potential damage or loss to the vehicle. This will automatically expire within 7 days after you return you car (pending no damage or loss to vehicle).
  • You may cancel and receive your 50% down payment anytime prior to 72 hours before your rental period begins.
  • For a fee of $30 each way, Vintage Car Rentals. will bring the car to you within a 10 mile “radius” of our location in Monterey. Anything beyond 10 miles will be $30 plus $5/mile for each additional mile.
  • Vehicles that require delivery of 30 miles or more must be rented for the full day (8 hour) period.
  • When making your reservation online, you will be prompted to enter where you would like to take delivery of your rental.
  • There is no cost to you if you take delivery at Vintage Car Rentals, in Monterey.
  • You may rent our cars for a “half day” which is a 4 hour minimum or for your entire stay in Monterey! A full day rental is from 8-24 hours. Rentals of 3 or more days will receive a 10% discount.
  • Rented vehicles that require a delivery and pickup of 30 miles or more must be rented for a full day.
  • Business hours are 9:00AM – 6:00PM, however if you will be needing your car earlier or later than these times, please contact us. We are always willing to work within your schedule!
  • Our cars are well maintained, and receive regular check-ups. However, keep in mind: you are cruising in a classic! Sometimes things happen. We ask that you stay within a 30 mile radius of where you picked up the vehicle, and we guarantee roadside assistance. If you have issues beyond these boundaries, towing and roadside assistance will be your responsibility. Call us right away and make sure you and your party are safe! We will even bring you a replacement car!
  • Our cars have come to Monterey from all over the country and are owned by Vintage Car Rentals. They are all part of our private collection.


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